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Rear-end Collisions can be Avoidable!

Smart Phones have become a way of life and you can be assured people driving behind you are using them. It’s the one thing you have no control over, that distracted driver behind you. We are the only company manufacturing commercial grade DOT approved, deceleration warning lamps for numerous vehicle markets.

For over 10 years, VTRCORP™ has designed and manufactured deceleration warning lights for multiple types of vehicles, including semis, trucks, trailers and buses. Our collision-avoidance products have been proven to reduce reported collision incidents by up to 80%. With our extensive experience in manufacturing and engineering, we deliver systems that keep you and others on the road safe.

The Dangers of Distracted Driving

While semi-trucks are large and easily noticed, distracted drivers on highways and roads abound. No matter how skilled you are as a driver, you can’t control the actions of the person driving behind you.

Drivers who spend long stretches on the highway can be unpredictable. They may not notice hazards or traffic jams that necessitate their slowing down or stopping suddenly. Especially with the prevalence of vehicular cell phone use, the driver behind you may not realize that you have started to brake until it is too late.

The Benefits of a Rear-End Collision Avoidance System

Our rear-end collision avoidance system is simple yet effective. After you install our deceleration light on the back of your truck or trailer, it will light up and flash when you start to slow or brake. This signal gets the attention of a distracted driver behind you much more effectively than a static brake light and alerts them that the situation on the road has changed.

Give yourself some peace of mind and invest in a rear-end collision avoidance system to steer other drivers away from tragedy. Call VTRCORP™
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VTRCORP™ has well over a decade of experience in the development of deceleration warning systems for a wide range of vehicles.


Our products have been proven to dramatically reduce collisions, increasing annual revenue as a result!

Ease of Installation

Installing our Deceleration Warning Lamps can be accomplished in as little as 15 minutes. Time may vary with vehicles.

5-Year Warranty

Our Lamps are the same used by Law enforcement, made in USA to the highest standards, backed by a 5 yr. Limited Warranty.

Advanced Technology

Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive Compliant. 5 year warranty as to manufacture defects only, Warranty limited only for replacement. ​


Our systems are in use by many national trucking fleets, utility companies, school districts, trailer manufacturers and more.