Rear-end Collisions can be Avoidable!

Smart Phones have become a way of life and you can be assured people driving behind you are using them. It's the one thing you have no control over, that distracted driver behind you. We are the only company manufacturing commercial grade DOT approved, deceleration warning lamps for numerous vehicle markets.


VTR Corp has well over a decade of experience in the development of deceleration warning systems for a wide range of vehicles.


Our products have been proven to dramatically reduce collisions, increasing annual revenue as a result!

Ease of Installation

Installing our Deceleration Warning Lamps can be accomplished in as little as 15 minutes.

5-Year Warranty

Our Lamps are the same used by Law enforcement, made in USA to the highest standards, backed by a 5 yr. Warranty.

Advanced Technology

All of our Lamps utilize the latest advancements in motion sensing technology and are calibrated for optimum performance.


Our systems are in use by many national trucking fleets, utility companies, school districts, trailer manufacturers and more.