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August 2019

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Due to the constant changing of state (referring to all states) vehicle lighting statutes, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to check their state statutes for compliance and installation conformity requirements.

We are aware that all states do not refer to this type of light in their stat’s. It is a newer product and all legislatures and congressmen may not have heard of it, even though it’s an extremely valuable enhanced safety feature (Rear End Collision Avoidance Systems) that is not attached to the braking system. Being g-force activated, it works when brake lights do not go on due to vehicle downshifting with trucks of all types and motorcycles.

Our product is on tanker trucks, horse trailers, other trailers, school buses (save our kids) and the mini-city transportation buses in some counties. This product is great for trucks transporting hazardous materials and vehicles that have to start and stop a lot. They are in use on waste disposal trucks in some areas. Please check your statutes. There are many more types of vehicle uses.

Thank you,

V. Jahn, CEO