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Vehicle Deceleration Warning Lamps FAQ


Can I save on Insurance?

Our Deceleration Warning Lamps are Insurance FOR your Insurance! However, many of our Fleet customers have negotiated discounts with their carrier after proving a major reduction in crash related expenses. We expect you can too, but can’t make that promise, you will have to ask your carrier. Ultimately, any action you take to prevent a collision is going to save you money…

Can I use this on my vehicle or trailer?

Deceleration Warning Lamps are designed to be installed on most vehicles. You will need to power the lamp by wiring it to the power supply for the brake lights of the vehicle or trailer. The wiring is very simple: simply connect like colored wires.  However, you may need to drill holes to access the wiring system.

Due to the constant changing of state (referring to all states) vehicle lighting statutes, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to check their state statutes for compliance and installation conformity requirements.

For more information, read the disclaimer here.

Why is a Deceleration Lamp such an Improvement to Brake Lamps?

You have no control over the person following you in traffic, especially if they are distracted with a smart phone as many of them are. Brake lamps on vehicles do NOT indicate how severely you are pressing the brake pedal, and just how urgent it may be for the person behind you to react. Our Lamps are the same in use by Law enforcement and Emergency Vehicles. When you slow down severely, they activate and definitely capture the attention of the driver behind you!

Are Deceleration Lamps Easy to Install?

Yes, installing a Lamp is a very simple process. Each Lamp comes with instructions and mounting hardware. One wire connects to Ground (-) and the other to a power source, which can be either 12 or 24V. DC. The average time required is 30 min. or less. Mounting brackets are available, but rarely needed.

Does the Lamp get wired into my Brake Lights?

NO, our Deceleration Lamps have nothing to do with your Vehicle’s Brake Lights. Our Lamps have sophisticated sensing technology built in and activate ONLY while our custom programed deceleration events occur. Connecting any type of flashing lamp to your brake light circuit would become an enormous nuisance to other motorists while at a red light, stop sign, or in stop and go traffic.

Are your Products DOT Certified?

YES, our Lamps conform to all applicable SAE standards, primarily SAE J595, SAE J575 and SAE J845. As such, they are compliant with all applicable DOT and NHSTA requirements. Our Bike ALERT product is an auxiliary light which does not require DOT Certification and is permitted in most States by Statute, although we advise people to check in advance of purchase.

Are your Products Made in USA?

YES, ALL of our products are Proudly Made in USA! We have been designing and manufacturing Deceleration Warning Lamps for over a decade. We do NOT import our products, they are engineered and manufactured to comply with U.S. standards.

What type of Warranty do I get?

We consider your Safety a very serious issue and manufacture our products to the absolute highest of standards. As a matter of fact, our motor vehicle and trailer lamps are the same lamps used by the Military, Law Enforcement, and on Emergency Vehicles. We back each lamp with a Full 5 Yr. Replacement Warranty. In the unlikely event you experience a problem, you will receive a free replacement, no questions asked.