Vehicle Deceleration Warning Lamp Products

The Best Rear-end Collision Avoidance System

Truck Alert

Keep your trucks on the road serving their purpose rather than being tied up in a repair shop costing you time and money! Truck Alert is proven to lower crash rates, and installing it is one of the best decisions you'll ever make.

Tow Alert

TowALERT provides your trailer with built in collision avoidance technology, and can be easily added to any Trailer. It doesn't matter what you're hauling, it's worth protecting!

Bus Alert

BusALERT provides effective collision avoidance technology to any Transit Bus, School Bus, or Shuttle. It helps protect against Passenger Injuries, Collision Repair Costs, and Lost Revenue

RV Alert

Looking for a deceleration warning lamp to protect your RV? RV Alert by VTR Corp offers Lamps that could help save your Vacation from disaster. Learn more!

Marine Alert

Enjoy your day on the water with additional Protection for your Personal Watercraft or Boat. Marine Alert helps prevent others from crashing in to you!