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VTR Corp Bus Alert collision avoidance system

Bus Deceleration Warning Lamps

Bus ALERT provides excellent protection for any Bus and it’s passengers. Any fleet operator can tell you, the cost of passenger injuries, collision repair, and lost revenue can be devastating.

Watch Bus ALERT in action and judge for yourself. It’s difficult to believe how poor the standard brake and turn signals are, but there’s no mistaking



Distracted driving is cited as a cause in 87% of all rear-end accidents. Bus ALERT was specifically designed to capture and hold the attention of distracted drivers. Our innovative product already in use by many school districts, helps protect passengers and distracted drivers from harm.

Bus Alert Deceleration Lamp

Bus ALERT also helps reduce the dangerous behavior of people ignoring the Stop Lights.
Actual testimony from a School District DOT Director:


Bus ALERT is a commercial LED light manufactured here, in the USA. The ultra-high intensity strobe pattern has been proven highly effective at warning motorists when the bus is slowing down. Built in motion sensing ensures the lamp will never flash while stopped at a red light or stop sign, and become a nuisance.

An extra 0.5 second warning of deceleration can prevent 60% of rear-end accidents, and 1.5 seconds will prevent 90% of rear-end crashes.

Across America, inattentive drivers smash into Buses every day. A single event in many cases, can be more costly than equipping an entire fleet with Bus ALERT!

We welcome the opportunity to work with Fleet Managers; School Districts, Coach Lines, or other entity involved with busing.


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