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VTR Corp RV Alert collision avoidance system

RV Coach & Travel Trailer Deceleration Warning Lamps

It’s hard to think of anything worse than finally hitting the open road for Vacation and then a Distracted Driver hitting you. Our Deceleration Warning Lamps have the effect of placing an auto-braking system on every vehicle that follows you, helping to protect you, your RV and your Vacation!



A damaged RV, whether it’s a Coach or Trailer, can be an enormous and costly event that we can help you avoid. Our Deceleration Warning Lamps help capture and hold the attention of motorists following you in traffic, and we also have high intensity Hazard upgrade Lamps available for the ultimate protection while parked on the side of the road.




*Having your RV and personal contents towed to a Repair Facility.

*Lengthly repair time due to custom body panels and paint work.

*Lost time dealing with Insurance; traveling home and back after repairs.

*A ruined vacation, and the list goes on…


Tow Alert RV Trailer


Don’t Risk your Vacation to a Distracted Driver!

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