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TruckALERT ™

TruckALERT ™

VTR Corp Truck Alert collision avoidance system

Vehicle Deceleration Warning Lamps

Many of our clients operate a well maintained fleet with experienced drivers, yet their crash rates continued to rise at an alarming rate. It’s not surprising really. A large majority of the general public is highly distracted while driving these days.

See how close this Tanker came to disaster, and then notice the difference with Truck ALERT:


Truck ALERT sends a message beyond what your tail lamps are capable. Tail lamps only indicate the brake pedal has been pressed, but not how much. The driver may barely be touching the pedal, or may have a sudden need to brake very hard, there’s no visual indication of the severity. People often don’t recognize severe braking as a result and fail to react in time.

A Rear-end Collision Avoidance System

Truck Alert captures attention when braking starts to become severe, when it matters most, which is why it’s so effective at preventing collisions. It also has the ability to help capture and hold the attention of all drivers in close proximity, forcing them to respect your presence. Tail gate drivers become a thing of the past, offering your driver a little more peace of mind.

Finally, as an additional safety measure, TruckALERT has been designed to provide a visual warning when a vehicle starts to back up. It will sense initial rearward motion of the vehicle and strobe to warn any persons that may be in harms way.

A TruckALERT costs less than a half tank of fuel and can help prevent costly incidents like these:

Installing TruckALERT provides many advantages:

A True Story from Verdelle Jahn

“My daughter was driving south on I-75 last Sunday. It was around dusk, traffic was heavy and fast, and people were changing lanes quite a bit. She and her husband found themselves behind a “Kenan Advantage Group” tanker truck. All of a sudden, a very bright amber strobe light started flashing on the back of the truck. Traffic was going very fast, but because of the flashing warning light, she had time to change lanes away from any danger. She recognized the light and said, “Thank you God and thank you Mom!”

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