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VTR Corp Tow Alert collision avoidance system

Trailer Deceleration Warning Lamps

It really doesn’t matter if you’re towing a Travel Trailer, Horse Trailer, or Cargo Trailer, the chances are likely Distracted Drivers are following you in traffic.

Hauling 4 Jetskis with Tow ALERT:


Notice just how quickly someone can have a MAJOR impact on your day:


Tow ALERT helps correct the behavior of distracted drivers following you, by capturing and holding their attention. The ultra-high intensity strobe pattern has been proven highly effective at warning motorists when deceleration events take place. The Lamp features built in motion sensing technology that operates independently of your vehicle’s braking system with a robust micro-controller specifically programmed for optimum results.

Installing Tow ALERT on your trailer has the effect of placing an auto-braking system on every vehicle that follows you. An extra 0.5 second warning of deceleration can prevent 60% of rear-end accidents, and 1.5 seconds will prevent 90% of rear-end crashes.

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